Reach 200 million online users in the MENA region

Who We Are

Relevant Network is a pioneering performance and affiliate marketing company in in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, founded in late 2014 following more than a decade of accumulated experience by its team in varied digital marketing fields. 

Relevant Network has delivered performance-based marketing to many regional and international brands helping these businesses increase their user base and revenue in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and the rest of MENA. Credibility, transparency, and expertise differentiate Relevant Network; with a proven ability to cover your business growth requirements from lead generation (Cost Per Lead), mobile app user acquisition (Cost Per Install), to sales generation (Cost Per Sale) and more. 

In 2020, Relevant Network was acquired by, the largest Arabic online content platform, to expand its activities into performance marketing and ecommerce. Relevant Network will now serve its clients with a bigger team and through offices in UAE, Egypt and Jordan.

How We Help Grow Your Online Business in MENA

Local Marketing Partners

We have built an extensive network of local marketers and affiliates in the MENA region, specializing in various types of performance offers. Relevant Network has covered this difficult, time-consuming process enabling you to immediately tap into all these partners and to take advantage of our connections for your success.

Cultural Understanding

We have a deep understanding of the Middle East, thanks to our team of Arab performance marketers and localization experts. We understand what works well from language and cultural perspectives, while advising you on what could potentially harm your business. We help you efficiently reach local audiences at a minimal cost and risk.

Regional Industry Expertise

Our team has acquired many years of accumulated experience in digital marketing, prior to and after launching Relevant Network. Our professional process, expertise in many verticals and staff talents have enabled many leading online businesses to penetrate the MENA region and to continuously grow their business and achieve their goals utilizing various online marketing channels.

Growing Together

We are proud of serving many long-term clients, growing their business and driving their continued success; while acquiring even more expertise in the MENA region, country-by-country and vertical-by-vertical. Our network of marketing partners continues to grow, ensuring that Relevant Network is a highly respected and dependable partner for all affiliate marketers.

Selected Brands That We Helped To Grow In MENA

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