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Affiliate Marketing

Our expertise in Affiliate Marketing operations, as a pioneering company in this field in the MENA region, means that we have the knowledge and delivery channels that you need to acquire users and sales from this region.

We adopt a partnership approach with our clients, helping your online business in every step of the affiliate marketing process; starting from landing page optimization, all the way till the launch of a successful affiliate marketing program designed around your business revenue model and other key metrics.

Launching your program with Relevant Network means that you will take advantage of the following services:

  • Landing Page Review.

  • Conversion Funnel Review.

  • Creative Material Review.

  • Content and Messages Localization.

  • Commission Scheme Design & Pricing Advice.

  • Conversion Tracking Setup.

  • Real-Time Reporting & Insights.

Affiliate Program Management

Thinking of launching your own affiliate program for your online business?

You require expert knowledge and qualified human resources to do so, to overcome the many challenges.

We offer you the opportunity to assign your whole affiliate program to us. Our long expertise in the performance marketing industry, particularly in the MENA region, means that Relevant Network will:

  • Create Your Affiliate Program: We will create the right affiliate program for you, aligned with your business model and goals whether they are value or volume based.

  • Select Platforms, Set-Up & Launch Your Program: We are continuously exposed to the majority of the latest technologies, which saves you the time required to identify the correct platform; coupled with our knowledge to efficiently to set up and launch your program.

  • Recruit Affiliates & Manage Them: Recruitment of affiliates is a very challenging task, and identifying the ones most suited to your program requires expertise. Instead of consuming your time and resources, let Relevant Network handle this crucial aspect of your program while you focus on building up your product, in-house sales force and strategy. We have the connections and partners to give your program a head start.

  • Promoting Your Program To Partners: Not only will we recruit affiliates for your program, but we will also tap into affiliate marketers on other global and regional networks. Our aim is to grow the outcomes of your program, as your partner who is managing your program’s success.

  • Handing Over a Successful Program: When you are ready, or whenever required, Relevant Network will hand over your program back to your team after ensuring that it has had a successful setup, launch and result.

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