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What Do We Offer to Our Affiliates?

Offers Variety

No more excuses how to earn money online. You can pick any offer you want from any category such as Gaming, e-Commerce, Survey, App Install, Travel, and more. In addition we do offer different payout models such as Per User, Per Lead, Per Install, and Per Sale.

High Commission

We do believe in the effort you are making to deliver a quality conversions for the offers you are promoting, and for that reason we give our affiliates a higher payout than other networks in the MENA region as appreciation for their valuable efforts.

Real Time Tracking

Optimizing your advertising spend requires a real time tracking to make a wise use of every penny you spend. We are using a leading technology to track and report the conversions in real time for our clients and affiliates with minimal discrepancy.

Flexible Payout Options

We do understand why some affiliates prefer to get their payout through specific options and for that reason we do offer different options of payout like Bank transfer, Western Union, or PayPal. Once you reached our network threshold $100 you are qualified to get paid.

Super Affiliate

Delivering bigger and more quality volume will be your ticket to join the super affiliates club and be treated with higher payout, faster payout, and exclusive offers for you. In addition you can get commission from every affiliate account you delivered to our network.

Affiliate Support

We don't let our affiliates down, we help you to in every step and walkthrough you for the best and ethical practices in affiliate marketing. We offer affiliate support from Sunday to Thursday and from 9 AM to 5 PM.

What are the Businesses We Support?







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